Meanwell LCM-60
Power Supply 60W

  • Material Specifications
  • MaterialFully Isolated, Plastic Housing
  • Dimensions123.5mm x 81.5mm x 23mm
  • Weight240g
  • Operating Temperature (Ta)-30°C to +85ºC
  • Warranty5 Year Warranty
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Input Type1.8m Flex & Plug
  • Input Current0.23A / 230VAC
  • Output Voltage59V/ 41V
  • Output Current500mA/ 600mA/ 700mA/ 900mA/ 1050mA
  • System Watts42W
  • Output TypeConstant Current
  • LCM-60 Meanwell LCM-60 LED Driver , 0-10V

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