Why Choose Decrolux?

Decrolux is a leading lighting company that offers some unique benefits. With a strong focus on pole lighting solutions, in-house professional lighting calculations, extensive product testing facilities, and detailed project proposals, Decrolux offers a comprehensive lighting experience that sets it apart in the industry.

Light Poles

Decrolux is renowned for its expertise in light pole solutions, with our Horizon Poles range.

With an exclusive focus on this area, Decrolux is perfecting the art of designing and manufacturing high-quality galvanised poles. We hold high stock levels of all types of poles, reo cages, cross arms, and outreach arms. We also have a fabrication workshop for custom requirements.

Lighting Design

Decrolux takes great pride in its ability to provide professional lighting calculations that are not only accurate and reliable but also presented in a clear and compliant manner with Australian standards.

Our team of lighting experts possesses a sound understanding of the specific requirements outlined in the Australian lighting standards, such as AS 1158, AS 1680, and AS 2560. Our commitment to understanding and implementing Australian standards guarantees that your lighting projects are designed and executed in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring optimal lighting performance and energy efficiency.

Inhouse Product Testing

We believe in delivering products of the highest quality. That's why we have invested in a state-of-the-art in-house product testing facility.

This facility enables us to conduct rigorous testing on all our light fittings, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

By conducting in-house testing, we maintain full control over the quality of our products and can guarantee their performance, longevity, and reliability.

Detailed Project Proposals

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive project proposals that address all your lighting requirements.

Our team of experienced professionals invests time and effort in creating detailed proposals that outline every aspect of the project. From conceptual designs and technical specifications to cost estimates and timelines, we ensure that our proposals offer a clear understanding of the project's scope and deliverables. Our detailed project proposals empower you to make informed decisions and have a transparent overview of the entire lighting project.

Our Invitation to You

We invite you to explore a fresh approach to lighting solutions. See the difference in our product range, feel the difference in our quality, enjoy the difference in our prices. Speak to our product consultants, as they would love to show you how we have made a difference to projects similar to yours. Experience local Service, on a national scale, with global inspiration.