LED Cost Savings Calculator

Making the switch to LED lighting? Answer the following questions on your current lighting usage, plus the LED replacement, to calculate your savings.

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Old fixture (to be replaced)

Incandescent / Halogen: 1,250 hours
Metal Halide: 6,000 hours
Fluorescent/CFL: 8,000 hours
Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH): 15,000 hours
High Pressure Sodium (HPS): 20,000 hours

LED fixture (new fixture)

LED: 50,000 hours

Energy rate (electricity cost)

The average residential price of electricity in Australia is 28c/kWh.

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Initial cost
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No. of times an old fixture to be replaced each year
No. of times an old fixture to be replaced during the LED fixture's lifespan
Cost of replacements each year
([bulb cost] × [Number of replacement per year])
Annual labour cost for relamping
([Labour cost per relamping] × [Number of replacement per year])
Total annual cost
([Cost of replacing fixtures] + [Electricity] + [Labour cost])

(same as the annual electricity cost)
Total cost
(after )
Total savings /w LED fixture (ROI)
(after )
Break-even point (per unit)
(The amount of time necessary to save as much money as you invested initially)
Break-even point with (per unit)