3 Ways to Light Landscapes

Date December 12, 2017
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Positioning of Lighting fixtures is always important, never more so than in Landscape Lighting.

Up lighting creates drama, leaving the ground unlit. Downlight is more representative of the moon shining.


Uplighting is about adding drama with bold shadows and strong effects. By aiming the lights upwards into a tree or onto an architectural feature, you emphasize the contrast of dark shadows with bright light.


Downlighting creates diffused, gentle light by aiming lights downward, usually from a tree, fence, building or sculpture. This gives quite a natural appearance; replicating moonlight.

Cross Lighting

Cross lighting is a way of minimizing, or eliminating shadows. You can Cross light objects by lighting a focal point from 2 or more sides. Large trees, sculptures and boulders look incredible when crosslit. You can even light up the entire canopy of a tree this way!

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