Introducing Fireglow dimming technology

Date March 12, 2018
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Achieve the perfect ambience with Fireglow dimming technology.

The perfect ambience in hospitality projects is now possible with the ground-breaking LED Fireglow dimming technology. 

Imitating the reddish glow of a dimmed halogen lamp, the technology emulates the light of the sunset. 

This provides intimate atmospheres, helping create memories for years to come. 

LED technology offers high CRI, flicker free LED, long life, with a 5 year warranty.

In certain applications such as restaurants, cafes and hotel areas, a warmer atmosphere is desired. 

With the Decrolux Fireglow Downlight sunset dimming technology, this ambience can be achieved LED technology. 

At full brightness, this downlight produces a beautiful warm white (3000K) and can be smoothly dimmed down to an extra warm white (1800K). 

Provide a perfect candle light atmosphere, with a simple adjustment of the dimming switch. 

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