The Best Color Temperature for an Office Space

Date December 06, 2022
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Office spaces require proper and adequate lighting for a productive and workable environment. While yellow lights seem to give off a cozier vibe, these aren't advisable to be used in office settings as they induce sleepiness and can lower a person's efficiency.

Whether that's a warehouse or a corporate office, work areas are typically lit with natural white light bulbs that have a lighting range between 3500 Kelvin to 4000 Kelvin. These are considered the best color temperature for office lighting. Of course, there are work places that may require a warmer environment like law offices and mental health clinics.

Anything below 3500K will be too 'yellow' and anything above 5500K can be too 'blue'

Although white light can make most people alert and productive, there are other reasons why office spaces tend to use white lights. One is it being energy-efficient. Most use white lights such as LEDs, halogen incandescent, and compact florescent lights which uses less energy while continuously providing ample lighting. Another is, white lights like LED have longer life spans which results to less light bulb changes.

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