Kevin Dennis ŠKODA

LED Upgrade

The primary goal for the Kevin Dennis ŠKODA showroom was to create a bright and inviting atmosphere for customers, ensuring they feel comfortable when interacting with the sales team. carefully considering the placement of lighting near desks to provide a pleasant, non-glaring illumination, an average of 400 lux was achieved. This approach aimed to establish a relaxed yet opulent ambiance. A combination of Neo Pro and Karta downlights were utilised to accomplish this effect.

Attention was paid to align the lighting design with the desired customer experience ŠKODA envisioned for their purchasing and exploration process. Neo Pro downlights and Alpha-M tracklights were chosen to contribute to this atmosphere. In the hallways, the Blaize 24W panel light was employed to provide ample and effective illumination. The resulting overall lux level ensured a comfortable and well-lit showroom.

Project Details

Location Deer Park, VIC
Developer Kevin Dennis ŠKODA
Electrical Wholesaler Rexel Electrical Thomastown
Electrician ML Harrington Electrics
Builder Project Solutions
Completion 2021
Average Lux Averaged 400 lux
Photographer Ken Ng

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