How to Illuminate Car Showrooms

Date April 23, 2019
Categories Knowledge , Design Tips

In the modern age, car buyers have strong awareness and understanding about the different car brands on the market. They identify with the car they drive and the brand's personality.

First and foremost, a car showroom must be able to light the car displays properly, but it should also be a reflection of the brand. The feeling of the car showroom, the building structure, interior design and lighting design should reflect the statement of the car brand.

Lighting can play a large part in contributing to the overall impression and communicating brand values. When a potential owner enters a showroom they should recognise and be able to identify the car's brand. To achieve this you need suitable lighting knowledge and the right products and solutions. In this Light Guide we will give you important tips on how to do it and suggestions on what kind of products to use.

Important Points to consider in Car Showrooms:

  • High Ceilings - Lights mounted on a high ceiling means you will need a higher wattage, and most likely a narrow beam angle. Be careful to select fittings with low glare.
  • Flexibility - Car Showrooms tend to be changed regularly, to keep it fresh and feeling new. A great way to achieve this with lighting it to use track lighting. This allows fittings to be added or removed, as well as re-positioned in relation to the car displays.
  • Variety of lux levels - Do not just use general light throughout - it will seem flat, and give no contrast to highlight cars.

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