What You Should Know About Warm Lighting

Date August 09, 2021
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What You Should Know About Warm Lighting 2

What are Warm White Panel Lights?

Warm white LED panels (3000K) are designed to create an atmosphere that is pleasant, cozy and warm. Light with the 3000K colour temperature has a yellow glow, and these panels can be built into a system ceiling, hung with a suspension kit or placed against the ceiling using a surface mounting frame.

Because of the warm light colour that they produce, these panel lights are generally used in spaces where a cozy, softer atmosphere is desired. Think of places like canteens, waiting rooms and shopping malls, where calm might be more favourable.

Warm White Panel Lights Application

Warm White Panel Lights are used primarily in casual areas like child care centres, meeting rooms, staff breakout areas, even places like restaurant toilets. Panel Lights are a functional way of lighting with a uniform light spread, and minimal glare.

When you think of warm lights, you might think of yellow lighting rather than white light, which tends to be more on the harsh side. However, warm white light can be just as cozy as its yellow counterpart, and is more than capable of providing soft, unobtrusive lighting to many different types of spaces.

Standard Lumen vs. High Lumen LED Panels

The difference between these two kinds of LED panels is that higher lumens produce higher light outputs. What’s more, the wattage is lower, which means you’re getting more light for less energy. It’s a sustainable choice that saves you in energy bills.

Using Warm White Panel Lights in Australia

3000K Panel lights are more common in the southern regions of Australia, while QLD and beyond will tend to stick with 4000K and higher, because of their warmer climate. The cooler light makes the rooms feel cooler, which can be especially useful in the warmer parts of the country.

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