How to Mark Out Downlights

Date March 01, 2017
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Downlights are the most popular choice for majority of new homes. They are functional, cost effective, and easy to install - once you know how!

For New Homes:

The best time to cutout the downlights is before painting. This allows you to see the ceiling battens. It also means pencil marks will be covered up. Measure off the skirting boards, and mark on the floor. Using a laser beam, you can easily locate the downlight centres on the ceiling. If you don't have access to a laser level, a plumb bob can be used.

For Existing Homes:

Marking downlights on painted surfaces, with furniture around can be a hassle. Measure off the cornices where you can. Before drilling any pilot holes, you MUST use a string-line. We can't stress enough how important this is. It only takes a 5mm error, for the downlights to look really horrible. Drill your centre holes, then check in the roof to ensure none of your downlights will hit a roof truss. It's not recommended to cut into roof trusses. In a situation where you can't access the roof cavity, you can fold a coat hanger on a right angle, at the radius of the downlight plus 10mm (normally 55mm). Insert into the pilot hole and rotate. You will soon know if you will hit anything with a hole saw.

In summary, never mark out downlights without running a stringline. You will be forever grateful, if you do. For further advice, speak to a qualified electrician, or phone Decrolux.

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