Lighting Design Software

Date June 15, 2020
Categories Design Tips

Software is one of the key tools used by lighting designers to simulate lighting schemes into space. To illustrate a lighting design from its concept to specify luminaries and determine the optical layout in a project, the software is typically used. The common software in lighting design can be divided into two categories:

1- Modeling software: In some complicated designs, the modeling software is helpful. Having a CAD file means the design has accurate dimensions.

The most common software:

  • Sketch Up
  • Autodesk
  • Revit

2- Professional lighting software: Lighting calculations are very complex, and carrying them out without software is unfeasible due to the enormous amounts of time that would be required. Lighting design software calculates and visualizes light for single rooms, whole buildings, streets, outdoor areas, and daylighting.

The most common software:

  • Dialux and Dialux evo
  • AGi32 Lighting software
  • Relux

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