Recommended Lighting Levels

Date March 22, 2017
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Different Applications require different lux levels. This is a general guide for lighting levels, across common & industrial areas:

Area TypeAve LuxUniformityRelated Standard
Outdoor General Storage - pedestrian access10 Lux
Outdoor Industrial loading and unloading - forklift40 Lux
Corridors; cable tunnels; indoor storage tanks; walkways, ramps40 LuxAS1680.1
Parking spaces for disabled40 luxAS1680.2.1
Undercover Carpark70 Lux
Staff change rooms; locker rooms; loading bays.80 luxAS1680.1
Stair Wells - Internal80 LuxAS1680.2.1
Warehouse/ Bulk Stores100 Lux
Mechanical Plant Rooms150 Lux
Toilets150 Lux
Waiting rooms; staff canteens; entrance halls; lobbies, foyers, gatehouses160 luxAS1680.1
rough checking of stock; rough machine work; general fabrication of steel; casting concrete; automated process monitoring;160 luxAS1680.1
Restaurants200 Lux
School chalkboards and charts; medium woodworking; food preparation; counters for transactions.240 LuxAS1680.1
Filing Rooms300 Lux
Routine office tasks, e.g. reading, writing, typing, enquiry desks.320 luxAS1680.1
Computer Work Stations400 Lux
Library400 Lux
Open Plan Office, Inspection of medium work; fine woodwork; car assembly.400 LuxAS1680.1
Trade Counter, 500 Lux
Drawing Office500 Lux
Showroom500 Lux
Commercial Kitchen500 Lux
Cabinet Making; Glass Cutting, Drawing boards; fine machine work600 LuxAS1680.1
Supermarket750 Lux
Laboratory750 Lux
Fine inspection; paint retouching; fine manufacture; grading of dark materials; colour matching of dyes, Printing Room800 LuxAS1680.1
Sewing; Upholstery800 Lux
Indoor Carpark Entrance, During daytime, first 15m800 luxAS1680.2.1
Extra-fine work: tool and die-making1200 Lux
Finished fabric inspection; assembly of minute mechanisms, jewellery and watchmaking.1600 LuxAS1680.1

Free Lighting Assessment: We offer a free assessment of your lighting requirements taking into account your warehouse size and use, ceiling height and installation limitations. Our detailed analysis calculates the number and positioning of lamps needed for optimised lighting.

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