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Date December 16, 2022
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With their radiant colours and fragrances, flowers are often seen as symbols of joy and pleasure. Of course, different types of flowers bring unique meanings and are seen as symbols of friendship, purity, and even forgiveness.

With this, proper lighting is essential to showcase the beauty of the flowers and to also set the right mood at the store.

Choosing between colourful flowers can be often challenging. Every color has its own meaning that is why it's important to see the real colours of these flowers under the proper lighting.

In lighting design, there is a thing called CRI, or color rendering index. This represents how close the objects are to their true colours under the light.

The closer this value resembles 100, the more accurate the colors of objects under the light are. Customers may have colour sensing issues if low CRI light fixtures are employed, which may influence their purchasing decisions.

Lighting fixtures with CRI value of 90 and above are the most recommended in florist shops.

The optimal color temperature for incandescent lamps to simulate natural light is 2700K. However, some reports suggest that using 6500K, or cold-white light, can be advantageous in these settings.

Like in any other store, the lighting can be adjusted based on the concept. The range of this modification is 300 to 1000 lux.

During the summer, the floral shops' ambient temperatures may rise due to traditional lighting. The blooms' lifespan will be impacted by this. Utilizing LED lights to solve the heat issue in floral businesses can be beneficial.

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