Kingston Beach Dental

Kingston Beach Dental is relocated to a retail strip within the shopping centre of the Greater Hobart area, Kingston, to provide care to the community’s oral health. The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment have been cleverly embedded within the joineries, creating a clean and minimal environment for clients.

The design space was created in collaboration with clients Martyn and Felicity Sweet, and constructed by Tascon Constructions. BYA Architect's fundamental aim was to rethink the typical, clinical corridor typology of dental practices to redefine how patients view a visit to the dentist - from a daunting experience to a pleasant one.

Decrolux helped achieve a prestigious homely feel, with High CRI Downlights.

Project Details

Location Kingston, Tasmania
Builder Tascon Constructions
Architect BYA Architects
Completed 2018

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