Deloraine Badminton Courts

LED Lighting Upgrade

The Deloraine Badminton Courts located in the Community Complex are used frequently by local badminton and basketball teams. The complex is also utilised for community games and events. The original lighting plan was designed for basketball and was unsuitable for badminton. Glare is a critical factor to consider; the shuttlecock is hit high into the air and players can often be blinded by the light.

Partnering with the Meander Valley Council, their request was to design a new layer of light specifically for badminton, installed on a new circuit. Careful attention in the new design used 75W Highbays overhead and 150W Floodlights mounted on the walls to achieve 300 lux across the principal playing area (PPA). The new lighting guarantees an improved playing experience for players of all sports.

Project Details

Location Deloraine, TAS
Electrical Contractor Andrew Dare Electrical
Council Meander Valley Council
Completion 2019
Average Lux Achieved 300 lux

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